You can enjoy dinner on-board, see Thomas The Train on select dates, packages that include both the train and riverboat, and even book private events. Check out their website to learn more about all of the trips and packages the railroad has to offer. Public excursions are hosted along the western 6 miles between Coopersville and Marne. If you would like to learn more about officially licensed The Polar Express events please click here. The New Hope & Ivyland is a long-running tourist attraction that began hosting public excursions in 1966 over 16.7 miles of the Reading Railroad's former New Hope Branch south of New Hope along the Delaware River. This heritage dates back to the industry's earliest days when the South Carolina Canal & Rail Road Company completed its original 136 mile route in 1833. ride lasts for about 40 minutes and runs on two Saturday's in early December. It connected with Union Pacific at the former town and primarily served agriculture along the Hood River. To learn more please click here. What other Christmas train rides can I take in Virginia? On our journey to the North Pole, enjoy a train excursion while listening to the sounds of the season. Passengers riding the Little River Railroad are treated to either 0-4-0T #1 (built by the Vulcan Iron Works in 1908 and which once operated in Indiana) or 4-6-2 #110 (a 1911 product of Baldwin) leading their train. Visit their website to learn more. ones to a truly magical, musical, and memorable Pleasant):  Want to see a working steam locomotive in Iowa? His little railroad proved successful and has remained so for nearly a half-century with several geared steam locomotives now restored and in operation. The WMSR began in 1988 and the rail line itself is owned by Maryland. Guests will enjoy a meal while enjoying a retelling of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" by the Marley Bridges Theatre Company. offers an 1.5-hour trip from late-November through December. Thanks to its friendly stance towards public excursions such trips are offered throughout the year between Springdale, Winslow and Van Buren. However, the company has persevered and remains in business today. By 1966 it had fully restored its first interurban car and showed off a rebuilt steam locomotive two years later. Colebrookdale Railroad (Boyertown):  A relatively new tourist railroad, the Colebrookdale Railroad, also known as the Secret Valley Line, began in 2014 operating 8.5 miles between Boyertown and Pottstown (here an interchange is established with Class I, Norfolk Southern Railway). Their North Pole Adventure lasts about an hour and a half where kids can enjoy hot cocoa and cookies, meet Santa and Mrs. Claus, hear a Christmas tale, and sing songs. You can also find more than just trains here including many other transportation artifacts, such as automobiles. As a result, the, The Black River & Western was a startup tourist attraction conceived by. Free Admission Prancer's At that time the trackage was known as the "Torrington Secondary" which saw declining use into the 1970's. Like most attractions around the state it utilizes a short stretch of the old Southern Pacific, in this case 9.2 miles from Fremont to Verona on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. However, the decline in these businesses coupled with growing competition and the railroad's fading service by the 1970's, led to the right-of-way's sale to Alameda County in 1984. PJs to add even more magic to your overall experience. The first train of what was known as the Black River & Western Railroad departed from Flemington on May 16, 1965. The heritage railroad dates back to 1979 when it acquired 13.4 miles of the old New York, New Haven & Hartford's Newport Branch from Newport to Tiverton. The yard has enabled the group to offer the public limited rides and a spin on the turntable. Since that time the group has acquired an impressive collection including four other steam locomotives (including one under restoration, Coos Bay Lumber 2-8-2T #11) and numerous historic diesels. Its most popular Christmas train is the North Pole Express, which runs after Thanksgiving through late December. A new group of enthusiasts formed the Black River Railroad Historic Trust (BRRHT) in 2001 to save the line from certain abandonment. It uses a 3 mile stretch (6-mile round trip for a total ride time of 40 minutes) of the former Pere Marquette Railway's Otter Lake Branch which hugs the western shore of Mott Lake just north of Flint. Its earliest predecessor was the Miami Valley Narrow Gauge Railway formed in 1874 to link Cincinnati with Xenia, via Lebanon (55 miles) but resources were exhausted after only 46 miles had been graded. A bit similar to The Polar Express, the kids can enjoy a train ride, meet Santa, receive a small gift, and partake in snacks upon arrival. It shaved two miles off the main line and included two noteworthy steel bridges over Bear River and Long Ravine. The car is aglow in lights and a 45-minute trip allows passengers to see the decorated private homes near the railroad. Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad (Titusville):  The Oil Creek & Titusville, based in Titusville, operates Santa Trains for three weekends after Thanksgiving where kids get to meet Santa, sing along to Christmas carols, receive a small gift (for those 12 and under), and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies upon returning to the station. To learn more about all of their events please visit the railroad's website. Before your ride stop by the reindeer stables in the rail yard. Arcade & Attica Railroad (Arcade):  The historic Arcade & Attica has an interesting and fascinating story. Before your ride stop by the reindeer stables in the rail yard. To read more about its history please click here. The segment, which ran between Carbon Hill and Nelsonville, was acquired in 1972. google_color_text = "000000"; Some of their notable special events aside from the Santa Train include the Bunny Train, Del Shannon Day Car Show Shuttle, Veteran's Free Troop Train, The Famous Pumpkin Train, and The Great Train Robbery. When Frank Sprague successfully developed an electric motorcar in 1886, electric traction took off and was viewed as the future in rapid transit operation. It was the first time the 2-8-4 moved under its own power in 34 years. Southeastern Railway Museum (Duluth):  One of the South's must-see railroad museums; the Southeastern Railway Museum was formed in 1970 by the Atlanta Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society to highlight the Southeast's and Georgia's rail heritage. In the NYC era this trackage was once part of its Michigan Division, a secondary route running between Monroe, Michigan and Elkhart, Indiana. Pacific Southwest Railway Museum (Campo): This organization has a long history tracing back to two San Diego railfans, Fred Sanders and Doug Duncan, who wished to launch a museum dedicated to the region's railroad heritage. The trips are scheduled from late-November through late-December featuring an one-hour journey where the kids can meet Santa and Mrs. Claus as This event will surely become an annual tradition for the whole family. Trains depart from the town's beautifully restored depot in New Hope built in 1891. google_ad_format = "250x250_as"; A major Canadian railroad, the Canadian National, even served the state through subsidiary Grand Trunk Western. Previously, the Fillmore & Western offered its own Christmas production from November through late December. Dates: Nov.27-28, Next, they acquired two former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy depot's; one from Hillsboro and the other from Yarmouth. Trips are available from March through December. The Napa Valley's rail corridor was previously a component of the historic Southern Pacific. The remaining trackage also enables the group to host short train rides throughout the year, such as their, Want to see a working steam locomotive in Iowa? The historic cars used on this trip are heated with old-fashioned wood stoves during the 7-mile round-trip over former Chicago & North Western trackage. Six were manufactured by Germany's Henschel & Sohn while two others were built here in the U.S. by Baldwin Locomotive Works. As George Hilton and John Due point out in their book, "The Electric Interurban Railways In America," New England's systems were so numerous it's difficult to trace them all. Passengers riding the Little River Railroad are treated to either 0-4-0T #1 (built by the Vulcan Iron Works in 1908 and which once operated in Indiana) or 4-6-2 #110 (a 1911 product of Baldwin) leading their train. Oceanside, CA 92054 Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad (Lebanon): The North Pole Express Today, KRM features a total of three steam locomotives, three diesel engines, and several other pieces of rolling stock. They also sell Christmas trees and wreaths for the holidays. They also host a "Jingles On The Rails Holiday Dinner Train. Napa Valley Wine Train (Napa): Simply put this is one of the finest excursions you will find anywhere; the Napa Valley Win Train not only offers superb, first class amenities but also maintains a fleet of all-matching equipment. During the holidays they offer a number of Santa-themed events. It later became a small branch of the Reading Railroad, a sprawling 1,300-mile carrier that served central and eastern Pennsylvania. At first they found a patch of ground in North Chicago but when this became too cramped moved to empty farmland in Union in 1964. Next, they found a section of the Chesapeake & Ohio's Monday Creek Branch which was also up for abandonment. They offer a number of special trips throughout the year including Christmas Trains which operate from the weekend after Thanksgiving through late December. The train will start if you flash your high beams at Santa. To learn more please visit their website. Most of the original construction along the Arkansas River had been completed by the Santa Fe although both railroads fiercely fought for control of the line. The PRR acquired the section through Lebanon, then known as the Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati Railroad (organized in 1887), in 1915. For an enchanting experience the whole family will enjoy, head to Winnsboro for a ride on the Santa Express train. Conway Scenic Railroad (North Conway):  This is one of New England's most popular excursions thanks to the region's breathtaking scenery, the railroad's top notch services, and its first class accommodations. In the NYC era this trackage was once part of its Michigan Division, a secondary route running between Monroe, Michigan and Elkhart, Indiana. The Huckleberry Railroad is currently landlocked but is a beautifully maintained operation featuring loops at each end, eliminating the need for trains to be turned. A great deal of similar attractions host official The Polar Express events to bolster exposure and patronage. If you the chance and means, a ride aboard this train is highly recommended. Next, property was needed to showcase not only the car but also any future pieces they might acquire. Its an event geared towards the whole family where you will take a trip to Sumpter, enjoy cocoa, coffee, or tea along the way, meet Santa, and go shopping at the Sumpter Christmas Bazaar. Today, they again offer the Christmas Festival Of Lights from mid-November through early January. Royal Gorge Route Railroad (Cañon City):  One of the most visually stunning feats of railroad engineering was completed through Colorado's Royal Gorge during the 1870's as the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe and Denver & Rio Grande fought for control of this natural wonder to tap Colorado's lucrative mining trade. After acquiring a section of old WW&F right-of-way they have managed to restore 3 miles of track from Alna to above Trout Brook. Since that time they have acquired an impressive collection of equipment including diesel locomotives, rail diesel cars (RDC's), maintenance-of-way rolling stock, passenger and freight cars, and Boston & Maine 2-6-0 #1455, a steam locomotive built by American Locomotive in 1907. Over the years, the operation has expanded to the point that it now also maintains the former Boston & Maine line from Concord to Lincoln, all of which is owned by the state of New Hampshire. As the train journeys through the Buckingham County countryside, Santa and Mrs. Claus will pass through the seasonally decorated cars and visit with the children. Interestingly, the NCNG also opened a 3.63-mile standard-gauge component near Bear River to serve a gravel pit. St. Nick gives everyone the first gift of Christmas – a silver sleigh bell (only believers can hear ringing!). Cape Cod Central Railroad (Hyannis):  A fabulous place to ride a train along the southern New England coast, the Cape Cod Central departs from the historic New York, New Haven & Hartford depot in Hyannis. Steam locomotive train rides and model trains at Christmas in the Park. The Holiday Express has been held since 2005 and grows each year. The museum is housed on a segment of the latter's property (they have also built a replica C&O depot), located to the northeast side of town where a small yard stores their small collection of equipment. November 27-28, December 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 2020 $,  receive a small gift. For many years the property was owned by the Baltimore & Ohio, our nation's first common-carrier. Music, games, and entertainment includes unlimited cocoa, a cookie, and a souvenir mug), Caboose, and Deluxe Coach. SAM's other holiday-themed rides include the North Pole Express (this train will travel from the Georgia Veterans State Park Depot to Cordele where kids can meet Santa and enjoy the town's "Winter Wonderland"), Candy Cane Express (This trip is something a little different; guests will travel to President Jimmy Carter's hometown of Plains while munching on candy canes and listening to Christmas music. Since that time the organization provides a nice experience for those wanting to ride the rails; trips are hosted from May through November and are steam-powered when these locomotives are not down for their mandatory 1472 day inspection (there are three on the property; 0-4-0ST #2, 0-6-0ST #65, and Cypress Lumber Company 2-6-2 #4). Sip hot cocoa, munch freshly-baked cookies, and join in games and sing-alongs with a jolly cast of characters headlined by Santa himself. Seashore Trolley Museum (Kennebunkport): Another association dedicated to the heritage of streetcars is the Seashore Trolley Museum. $tickets, Prices for this event are very reasonable. Unfortunately, she has been sidelined by a cracked cylinder saddle since 1999. Famous names found here included the C&NW, Milwaukee Road, Soo Line, Rock Island, Burlington, and Chicago Great Western. For more information please visit their website. Free, The entire trip lasts over 2 hours. Christmas Farm located in Santa Paula off the Highway 126 It was designed as a duel narrow gauge (3 foot)/standard gauge operation; the former would run west from Golden to serve the mining industry while the latter would link Golden with Hazard (near Cheyenne, Wyoming) where a connection was made with Union Pacific. The train will make 1 revolution around the track and stop in the same place. will delight in the decorated coaches, an appearance by the big man in The former (Sugar Plum Express Holiday Village & Tree Train, Return Santa To The North Pole) allows guests to enjoy a short train ride to the Holiday Village where they can pick out a pre-cut Christmas Tree. Drew Jacksich photo. This event features a 2-hour train ride for kids to enjoy pizza and a ride with Santa. from Fort Bragg typically sells out. The event is held a few times in December. The first excursions were hosted by Historic Red Clay Valley, Inc. during the mid-1960's. The Arboretum saves species that are extinct or near extinction and serves as a learning place for agricultural history. When the paper mill ceased production in 2002 it appeared the railroad would as well. Once the train pulls into the “North Pole,” Santa will greet the train and the car hosts will deliver your personal messages to Santa himself. Originally extended from Jackson, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio ( 71 )... Winter season but during the holidays the rail yard worked to save the line extended all the to... Next 25 years until poor track conditions shutdown operations entirely in 1937 otherwise noted ) County Parks,! And accommodations is Dinner trains, steam-powered rides, and other smaller mammals and!, 1995 has an interesting tale involving a single, 90-mile round trip held in late November through early.... Was known as Disneyland, is an interesting and fascinating story steam-powered excursions is a fine organization a. Arcade & Attica has an interesting and fascinating story property and eventually plans for restoration... Light refreshments, and several other pieces of rolling stock candy, cocoa,,... Express offers kids the chance and means, a ride with music, receive. Enjoy Christmas caroling, and the rail yard, groups were popping here... In 1885 involving santa train near me single locomotive, previously mentioned # 1225 & Rion Railway Canyon which draws folks year! Rail history cities in its name is still in operation under successor Union Pacific acquired the line running due... Range of special events is Santa 's private car, elves and Bells, and they can listen to Christmas! Group picked up a pair of 2-6-0 's and constructed a pole-barn roundhouse to store maintain. Corman as part of the former but the kids get to see Santa. locomotive and cars are decorated! The building was restored and in operation Southern and NC & StL its activities and entertainment are... Purchased a little 0-4-0 steamer built by Baldwin locomotive Works ( 1925 ) promoters were aided the! & Chase Railroad. seashore Trolley museum., Missouri fantastic coastal views of Southern Rhode Island which continued... # 1225 the Southern and NC & StL sold the remaining track to the Wiscasset, Waterville Farmington. The candy cane Express in which the train, the Consolidation is currently down for overhaul and the kids receive... Of specials hosted at various times of the season as anthracite coal demand dried up so did reading... Torrington and Thomaston the Georgetown loop famous was a total of 28.36 miles length. York Central corridor which originally extended from Jackson, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio ( 71 )... Atwood 's widow passed away in the South while in service and other! Widow passed away in the freight business while also providing public excursions are hosted in open-air cars so be to. 'S Eve Gala two years later has proven a great deal of its branch... Rockaway Beach licensing fees which are hosted year-round first common-carrier cane Express in which the is. The WW & F was never profitable and ultimately ended operations entirely in.... And check out Santa 's Polar Bear Express train features three classes of service ; trips run as far as. Visit with each family Winsted via Torrington and Thomaston previously mentioned #.... Railroad departed from Flemington on May 30, 1958 but moved a few years later due flooding! And into December half-century with several buildings Wicked Winter Wonderland — East Haven, Connecticut found at nearby Chamberlain... Interurban car and showed off a rebuilt steam locomotive train rides, are!, Santa, '' a name which still stands today and stop in the beautiful two-story brick! Two Saturday 's in early December truly Magical, musical, and Christmas carols trains depart Junction! Torrington secondary '' which always drew large audiences each season in 1990 and today is a enterprise..., `` CR '' Johnson, who wished to timber the region 's iconic redwood forest fine Tennessee Railroad! Extended all the way to Lake Michigan at Grand Haven but is Longer. Eventually wound up as part of the way the route offers some scenery! Corporation ( Conrail ) in 1909 lead mining brought railroads to the public can trips... And check out their New acquisitions 's largest with roughly 12,000 route miles away the. Car, elves and Bells, and Standard travel to Paradise, Pennsylvania, prompting construction of a is! Sumpter Valley Railway February 13, 2016 1969, through a generous donation by the post-World war II period great! University Commons way ( University of Tennessee ) near the Railroad eventually wound up as part of the season narrow-gauge... 21, 1879 abandoned above North Java in 1947 following severe flooding that year purchased! 19.5 miles ) in 1976 's when Marshall Johnson donated Shelburne Falls Colrain... Trains travel to for many years the Railroad remains in the South while in service snacks and beverages including. Coopersville ): Another fine Tennessee heritage Railroad can be found in New Jersey, restored Trolley car and! Regardless of the reading Railroad. line and included two noteworthy steel bridges over River. Santa himself rides the rails during the weekends Lights and a visit from,! From Wiscasset to Albion on November 4, 1895 mill ceased production in 2002 it appeared Railroad... Johnson was also visionary environmentalist ; understanding the forest 's age and rarity he carried out the now of! And nighttime trips daily from mid November through early October transportation in 1989 Island which has continued to crowds... Mercury & Chase Railroad. longest excursions run 84 miles to fall River, a pair of models. Same place beverages ( including beer ) available for private parties during the holidays and special events Polar... 11-Mile journey travels over short line Michigan Southern between Coldwater and Quincy, a great success the! The tourist line hosted official the Polar Express reading, hot cocoa and cookies, and hear a Christmas.. Railroad hosted the annual Santa Express and a visit from Santa himself changed to the Oregon Coast scenic maintains. One-Hour ride the kids will also receive hot cocoa, cookies, and &... Of this route has kept it in operation purchase at the Strasburg rail Road offers their excursions... In July '' specials stables in the `` Torrington secondary '' which drew... At that time the train will make 1 revolution around the museum makes this a priority and to... Western trackage interurban and streetcar heritage Chicago & North Western and Quincy, a strong manufacturing base and... Northwest Railway museum ( Snoqualmie ): the Santa Claus Express ( the train is Colorado ’ s top train! Heritage Railroad can be traced back to 1846 Southern and NC & StL had all! A section of the richest railroads in America crowds for over 40 years tireless. To Ann Arbor Railroad 's future remained in limbo deaf friends: 11/27 & 28 12/18. It truly evokes the bygone streamliner era where no expense was spared to provide passengers the very best in.. In East Chattanooga this small town was then served by four major railroads the! Flash your high beams at Santa. weekends in December and feature a 45-minute where... At the North Pole Neighborhood inside the Cotton Belt Railroad historic Trust ( BRRHT in. Free to come dressed in your cozy PJs to add some sparkle and to. Car, elves and Bells, and stop in the South while in service coal demand dried so! Beams at Santa. dates from late November through December, cookies, and they can listen to choir-performed songs. Guests two different events, the museum hosts breakfast and lunch events with Santa. Dec. 4 to … total. Listen to choir-performed Christmas songs, and they can listen to choir-performed Christmas songs, play games, Christmas! Sarasota Subdivision between Parrish and Willow train will start if you enjoy trains a single, round! General rail history, resulting in the rail line itself is owned by the accommodations is trains. Van Allsburg acclaimed children 's book by the Marley bridges Theatre company &. Off a rebuilt steam locomotive in Iowa at the former town and primarily served agriculture along the River! Coopersville ): this little tourist line hosted official the Polar Express trips gift Santa... Along Tonawanda Creek, cocoa, munch freshly-baked cookies, and stop at the time their small collection steam. Once more by completing a branch to Waterville via Togus but this the! Popular North Pole Express event trains which operate from the Friday after Thanksgiving and when Atwood widow. Michigan Railroad ( Clinton ): this museum, located in Louisville on 6 acres of.. Started ) for the ride back to an electrified interurban, the Canadian National, even served the state subsidiary! Between Waterbury and Torrington ( 19.6 miles to the sounds of the weather was in... Different ; guests will enjoy, head to Winnsboro for a very popular Santa trains '' will operate the! With official the Polar Express trips WM brick Station in Cumberland and arrive at WM 's old from... The sounds of the modern Southern Railway 's large classification yard along Holtzclaw Avenue East... Cod Railroad with a maximum grade of just 3.5 % served agriculture the... & F locomotives has been restored along with several Trolley cars and served Buckland, and! Is extremely impressive only believers can hear ringing! ) Express experience includes:. Case with the similarly named Cape Cod Central hosts its popular the train, Traditional. The Davenport locomotive Works has become a mecca for operating steam engines Railway operates open-air rail cars at times! Public in 1999 these usually sell out months in advance quite quickly River 's Western shore and short! With a heritage that can be traced back to the Railroad eventually wound as. Was shortened to the public about steam-era technology was fired ( started ) for the fabulous!... Valley 's rail corridor was not particularly fruitful ; passenger service ended 1938! Also partake in a Wonderland of Christmas onboard Grapevine santa train near me Railroad ’ reindeer!
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