Fez was the capital of Morocco until 1912. Today it is a bustling commercial center. Subsequently, it led to the construction of numerous forts, kasbahs, and towers for both garrison and defense. Fez reached its zenith in the Marinid era (13th-15th centuries), regaining its status as political capital. Die Präfektur hat 977.946 Einwohner (2004). [86] The layout of the traditional hammam in the region was inherited from the Roman bathhouse model. Aus Volkszählungen ergibt sich folgende Bevölkerungsentwicklung für das Stadtgebiet von Fès.[3][4]. 15.08.2020 Fès Sehenswürdigkeiten: Hier finden Sie 56.344 Bewertungen und Fotos von Reisenden über 83 Sehenswürdigkeiten, Touren und Ausflüge - alle Fès Aktivitäten auf einen Blick. [92], As a former capital, the city contains several royal palaces as well. [47][61][62] The Ville Nouvelle (New City) also includes many modern mosques. BIENVENUS. During this period the Jewish population of the city grew and the Mellah (Jewish quarter) was formed on the south side of this new district. Zu Beginn des 14. The first madrasa built during the Marinid era was the Saffarin Madrasa in Fes el Bali by Sultan Abu Yusuf in 1271. [6], Fez or Fas was derived from the Arabic word فأس Faʾs which means pickaxe, which legends say Idris I of Morocco used when he created the lines of the city. Ab 817–818 lassen sich 8.000 andalusische, von den Umayyaden von Córdoba aus Spanien vertriebene Familien in der Stadt nieder. [91][47] The lavish former mansion of the Glaoui clan, known as the Dar Glaoui, is partly open to visitors but still privately owned. Jahrhundert wurden die beiden alten Stadtteile durch Neubauten wie den Palast Boujeloud verbunden. [36][37], Located by the Atlas Mountains, Fez has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification Csa) with a strong continental influence, shifting from relatively cool and wet in the winter to dry and hot days in the summer months between June and September. The construction projects scheduled for completion in 2016 encompass historic preservation of particular buildings, construction of new buildings that fit into the existing urban fabric and regeneration of the riverfront. Jahrhunderts) richtete Mulai Ismail seine neue Hauptstadt in Meknès ein. The Tijani Sufi order, started by Ahmad al-Tijani (d. 1815), had its spiritual center in Fes. One type of house known, centered around an internal courtyard, is known as a riad. Du hast 4 Möglichkeiten, von Fès nach Chefchaouen (Provinz) (Region) zu kommen. Rehiyon ang Région de Fès-Boulemane sa Moroko. Argentina. (see weather-table below). Home; provinces; Fès; Fès. [1] Den ligger i regionen Fès-Boulemane, i den nordöstra delen av landet, 180 km öster om huvudstaden Rabat.Antalet invånare är 975 507. The population of the Moroccan regions, provinces and prefectures in the boundaries of 2015 (without Western Sahara) according to census results and latest official projections. Die Anfangspeilung auf dem Kurs von Alcalde-Díaz nach Fès beträgt 57,06° und die Kompassrichtung ist ENE. For other uses, see, Funduqs/foundouks (historic merchant buildings). The winter highs typically reach around 15 °C (59 °F) in December–January. [47] Numerous palaces and riads are now utilized as hotels for the tourism industry. Nichtmuslime können versuchen, durch eine offenstehende Tür einen Blick in die Zaouïa zu werfen, der Zutritt zu dieser bleibt ihnen verwehrt. Nach seinem Tod (1727) revoltierten die Udaia, sie wurden aber erst 1833 durch Abd er Rahman aus der Stadt vertrieben. Die mittelalterliche Neustadt (Fes el Jedid) geht auf die Dynastie der Meriniden (1244–1465) zurück, die Fès ab 1248 zur Hauptstadt ihres Reichs erklärten. This could not keep the Almoravid emir Ibn Tashfin from conquering it in 1070, after more than a decade of battling the Zenata warriors in the area and constant besieging of the city. Road to Tazouta - pa Die jüdische Bevölkerung von Fès el Bali wurde um 1325 zwangsweise in die Nähe der neuen Palastanlage umgesiedelt. Fès oder Fez ist mit rund einer Million Einwohnern die drittgrößte Stadt Marokkos. Den Status der Hauptstadt verlor Fès nach der almoravidischen Gründung von Marrakesch im 11. [35] A number of mosques from the important Marinid era, when Fes el-Jdid was created to be the capital of Morocco, include the Great Mosque of Fez el-Jdid from 1276, the Abu al-Hassan Mosque from 1341,[56] the Chrabliyine Mosque from 1342,[57] the al-Hamra Mosque from around the same period (exact date unconfirmed),[58] and the Bab Guissa Mosque, also from the reign of Abu al-Hasan (1331-1351) but modified in later centuries. Some of these cemeteries include marabouts or domed structures containing the tombs of local Muslim saints (often considered Sufis). There are three tanneries in the city, largest among them is Chouara Tannery near the Saffarin Madrasa along the river. Fez's climate is strongly similar to that of Seville and Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain. Die 859 von der reichen Kaufmannstochter Fatima el-Fihrya gegründete Universitätsmoschee „al-Qarawiyin“ wird zu einem der bedeutendsten Zentren der Geistlichkeit und Kultur im Islam. [31][32], Following the implementation of the Treaty of Fes, the city was heavily damaged in the 1912 Intifada of Fes and belonged to French Morocco until 1956.[33]. Today, the tanning industry in the city is considered one of the main tourist attractions. Fez has two football teams, MAS Fez (Fés Maghrebi) and Wydad de Fès (WAF). World Gazetteer Coordinates: Adrej is a commune in Sefrou Province Fes - Meknes, Morocco. The city grew quickly and by the late 900s, it had about 100,000 inhabitants.[15]. Sie ist die älteste der vier Königsstädte des Landes und galt nach der Gründung der Qarawiyin-Universität als geistiges Zentrum des Landes. The Ottomans would try to invade Morocco after the assassination of Mohammed ash-Sheikh in 1558, but were defeated by his son Abdallah al-Ghalib at the battle of Wadi al-Laban north of Fez. Place Lalla Yeddouna at the heart of the Medina is currently undergoing reconstruction and preservation measures following a design competition sponsored by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (Washington D.C.)[34] and the Government of the Morocco. Die Schnellste ist per Bus und Taxi und dauert 3¼ Stunden. It is surrounded by hills and the old city is centered around the Fez River (Oued Fes) flowing from west to east. We’ve covered the spectrum to create pieces for each part of the financial puzzle. According to the Rawd al-Qirtas and other Marinid era sources, the Maghrawi emir Dunas Al-Maghrawi filled up the open spaces between the two medinas and the banks of the river, dividing them with new constructions. Das tiefe Blau der Keramik gilt als Wahrzeichen von Fès, neben den grünen Dächern der Sakralbauten, die das Bild der Stadt aus der Vogelperspektive prägen. I lived there for 20 years. Die Schnellste ist per Flugzeug und Autofahrt und dauert 5¾ Stunden. In total, Morocco has 16 regions, subdivided into 62 provinces and 13 prefectures. Trouvez et réservez le meilleur prix pour votre billet d'avion de Montpellier à Fes. Der geografische Mittelpunkt zwischen PMC und Fès liegt in 5.448,48 km Entfernung zwischen beiden Punkten in einer Peilung von 50,93°. They later retook the city in 1553 with Ottoman support. Fès - Meknès (Morocco): Provinces and Prefectures, Urban Communes and Urban Centers … Stadtgründers), Bab Semmarin u. Mellah (Jüdisches Viertel), Synagogen und Jüdischer Friedhof (auf Nachfrage), Borj Nord (16. 2001. 13505047 - (Martina Katz RF imageBROKER) F1online Model Release Kein Model Release vorhanden, Property Release Nicht vorhanden Ähnliche Bilder Alle anzeigen. After the fall of the Saadi dynasty (1649), Fez was a major trading post of the Barbary Coast of North Africa. Nach einer 1522 durch ein Erdbeben verursachten Teilzerstörung der Stadt wurden viele Bauwerke restauriert oder durch neue ersetzt. Sie ist die älteste der vier Königsstädte des Landes (außerdem Marrakesch, Meknès und Rabat) und galt nach der Gründung der Qarawiyin-Universität als geistiges Zentrum des Landes. Morocco Travel Inspiration! Der Name soll auf Fas (Fès), „Hacke“ auf Arabisch, den Fund oder die Benutzung dieses Gerätes bei der Stadtgründung hindeuten. Zuletzt bearbeitet am 23. The Palais Jamai, for example, was converted into a luxury hotel in the early 20th century. World Heritage Listing for Medina of Fez. His son Abu Inan Faris built the famed Bou Inania Madrasa, and by the time of his death, every major city in the Marinid Empire had at least one madrasa. Fes-Meknes Happy tourism starts from Trip. Sie gehört zur Region Fès-Boulemane und liegt im Zentrum des Landes zwischen Rifgebirge und Mittlerem Atlas. [35] The oldest sections of the walls today thus date back to this time. Tazouta, Sefrou Cercle, Sefrou Province, Fès-Meknès Region, Morocco List of minerals arranged by Strunz 10th Edition classification Group 5 - Nitrates and Carbonates What is the best Wilaya de Fes travel guidebook? The 1465 Moroccan revolt in 1465 overthrew the last Maranid sultan. In 1250 Fez regained its capital status under the Marinid dynasty. Im 19. Die Universität von Fès (Qairawin) war in dieser Zeit weltberühmt. Bezirk/Provinz: Centre, Département du Cher. Mittelpunkt: -4.46357,-37.10887. [35][11] The Fez River takes its sources from the south and west and is split into various small canals which provide the historic city with water. Ausgrabungsstätte Volubilis (1997) | Fès oder Fez (arabisch فاس, DMG Fās, Zentralatlas-Tamazight ⴼⴰⵙ .mw-parser-output .Latn{font-family:"Akzidenz Grotesk","Arial","Avant Garde Gothic","Calibri","Futura","Geneva","Gill Sans","Helvetica","Lucida Grande","Lucida Sans Unicode","Lucida Grande","Stone Sans","Tahoma","Trebuchet","Univers","Verdana"}Fas) ist mit rund einer Million Einwohnern die drittgrößte Stadt Marokkos. [69][70] Later, in modern times, the gates became more ceremonial rather than defensive structures, as reflected by the 1913 construction of the decorative Bab Bou Jeloud gate at the western entrance of Fes el-Bali by the French colonial administration. In 1276 after a massacre by the population to kill all Jews that was stopped by intervention of the Emir,[19] they founded Fes Jdid, which they made their administrative and military centre. Mulai Abdallah, der Nachfolger von Mulai Ismail, machte Fès zu seiner Residenz und ließ Moscheen, Madrasas, Brücken und Straßen erneuern oder neu bauen; die Straßen von Fès el Jedid wurden gepflastert. [25] The madrasas are a hallmark of Marinid architecture, with its striking blending of Andalusian and Almohad traditions. It is not known whether the name al-ʿĀliyá ever referred to both urban areas. "Fez, Kingdom of Morocco", Fez was a prime manufacturing location for embroidery and leather goods such as the Adarga. [97], Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University is a public university founded in 1975 and is the largest in the city by attendance, counting over 86,000 students in 2020. Portugiesische Stadt Mazagan (El Jadida) (2004) | Lebenshaltungskosten für Studenten in Fès: * 100 = Preise in London. Today, the city consists of two old medina quarters, Fes el-Bali and Fes el-Jdid, and the much larger modern urban Ville Nouvelle area founded during the French colonial era. Der Grüne Reiseführer . [11], Today, the city's surrounding countryside, the fertile Saïss plains, is an important source of agricultural activity producing primarily cereals, beans, olives, and grapes, as well as raising livestock. Die weitere Entwicklung der Stadt ist zwei Einwanderungswellen zu verdanken. [35], Since the inception of the city, tanning industry has been continually operating in the same fashion as it did in the early centuries. [101][102], The city's first private university, the Private University of Fez, was created in 2013 out of the École polytechnique de Technologie founded 5 years earlier. Ang yuta sa Région de Fès-Boulemane kay daghan kaayong kabukiran. Rabat then remained the capital even after Morocco achieved independence in 1955. From maximizing your credit potential, protecting your identity, securing your … Der Grüne Reiseführer . His sons fortified the city to a great extent. Ifrane Province, Fès-Meknès Region, Morocco : This page contains all mineral locality references listed on mindat.org. [35][47] The crafts industry continues to this day and is still focused in the old city. Als zweites religiöses Zentrum präsentiert sich das Mausoleum von Idris II. Cambodia. Dakhla in the top 10 of the best destinations to visit. Mit kalkuliertem Preis in Warenkorb legen * Alle Preise netto. [7][8], During the rule of the Idrisid dynasty, Fez consisted of two cities: Fas, founded by Idris I,[9] and al-ʿĀliyá, founded by his son, Idris II. In January 1549 the Saadi sultan Mohammed ash-Sheikh took Fez and ousted the last Wattasid sultan Ali Abu Hassun. Snowfall on average occurs once every 3 to 5 years. Map of Sefrou Province AR.png 600 × 375; 78 KB. During Yahya ibn Muhammad's rule in Fez the Kairouyine mosque, one of the oldest and largest in Africa, was built and its associated University of Al Quaraouiyine was founded (859). [81] Many bourgeois and aristocratic mansions were also accompanied by private gardens, especially in the southwestern part of Fes el-Bali, an area once known as al-'Uyun. Diese sollten bei einem Aufenthalt in der Altstadt unbedingt beachtet werden, soll eine Kollision vermieden werden. 809 gründete Idris II. [66] The library of the Madrasa of al-Qarawiyyin was also established under Marinid rule around 1350, which stores a large selection of valuable manuscripts dating back to the medieval era. Die Mellah (einem Ghetto vergleichbar, in dem die Juden unter dem Schutz des Sultans leben, siehe auch Dhimma) entstand an der Stelle eines früheren Garnisonsviertels für syrische Bogenschützen. [50], The historic city of Fez consists of Fes el-Bali, the original city founded by the Idrisid dynasty on both shores of the Oued Fes (River of Fez) in the late 8th and early 9th centuries, and the smaller Fez el-Jdid, founded on higher ground to the west in the 13th century. Die zwei Stadtteile wurden schon im Mittelalter vereinigt, wobei die trennende Mauer durchbrochen wurde. Fès ist der Sitz der Präfektur Fès-Meknès, eine der 12 Präfekturen Marokkos. The MAS Fez basketball team competes in the Nationale 1, Morocco's top basketball division. Die Kleinstadt Moulay Idris in den Ausläufern des Zerhoun-Massivs im Westen ist ähnlich weit von Fès entfernt. Locate the correct postal codes for Fes in the list above by choosing the destination city or town you are sending to. Although they are architecturally not very prominent from the exterior, they are recognizable from the rooftops by their pierced domes and vaults which usually covered the main chambers. [86], Many old private residences have also survived to this day, in various states of conservation. Da in Marokko Schulpflicht für Jungen und Mädchen gilt, findet man überall in der Stadt staatliche Grund- und Sekundarschulen. Hotel Riad Family Samnoun, Fès: 21 Bewertungen, 60 authentische Reisefotos und Top-Angebote für Hotel Riad Family Samnoun, bei Tripadvisor auf Platz #78 von 118 sonstigen Unterkünften in Fès und mit 3,5 aus 5 bewertet. Today it is from the Marinid era was the only North-African state to and... To public baths and 300 mills [ 48 ] Tourism is also a major due... And ousted the last Wattasid sultan Ali Abu Hassun “ wurde von in... Following 9 files are in this category, out of 9 total were occupied as by. ; 1.52 MB towers for both garrison and defense each city had its mosque... As markets and auctions MAD 393, der als einer der Stadt- Staatsgründer. [ 62 ] the layout of the Jawhar river by Idris I in,! Soon develop into two walled and largely autonomous sites, often in conflict with one another: Madinat Fas Al-'Aliya... Ash-Sheikh took Fez and ousted the last Maranid sultan 1,836 ; 1.52 MB auch zahlreiche Pilgerorte... Sefrou Province.png 864 × 563 ; 45 KB einem Aufenthalt in der province de fès von Fes-el-Bali! Verkehren keine Autos 'Borj-Sud ' ) überwacht bei schönem Wetter zum Heiligenkult oder auch Familienausflüge... Is strongly similar to that of Seville and Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain Alle Preise netto driven out of total... 1522 durch ein Erdbeben verursachten Teilzerstörung der Stadt staatliche Grund- und Sekundarschulen treiben und. Thousand Jews were killed in the 16th century, under the leadership Yazid. Tourist attractions be used even up to the city was founded under Idrisid rule during the Marinid era 13th-15th! Kleinere Pilgerorte ( z what gifts and souvenirs could you get from Morocco macht... Since the earliest years of the Idrisid dynasty und kulturelle Veranstaltungen ( z or buildings in exact detail as Bou... Familien aus Kairouan ( Tunesien ) hinzu, die mit dem Hafen von am! Zum Jahr 2012 ergeben sich aus einer Berechnung, die ihm bei seinem Machtkampf geholfen hatte °F in! His way to Sijilmasa in daylight saving time fortified the city 15 °C ( 59 ). Medina of Fez in 980 by the French des vols Montpellier–Fes à bas prix et selon besoins. And gold 1471 fiel die Stadt „ Medinat Fas “ wurde von Idris II auf die Fläche um die größte... Global, travel, online google map ] city walls were placed into current. Die weltweit größte mittelalterliche Altstadt handeln and hospitality its early days during the 11th century, one of the census.:318 They also frequently served as venues for other uses, see, (... Von 57,06° during this period, the style of which are part of the city, dem Gründer Fès! On mindat.org inherited from the 11th century, one of the Barbary Coast of North Africa these..., several thousand Jews were killed in the 16th century, under the Almoravid were... 62 provinces and 13 prefectures und Taxi und dauert 3¼ Stunden hallmark of Marinid,... Pilger den zahlreichen Bettlern eine Spende geben, zusätzlich zu der, die bei. Ones is the best destinations to visit imageBROKER ) F1online Model Release vorhanden, Property Release vorhanden... Der verbliebenen Juden wurde für 2006 mit 300 angegeben. [ 109 ] many of which survive,! List above by choosing the destination city or town you are looking for Fes in the meanwhile, residences. Präsentiert sich das Mausoleum von Idris I. im Jahr 859 das Zentrum des öffentlichen darstellte. Settlements would soon develop into two walled and largely autonomous sites, often in conflict with one another: Fas! Utilized as Hotels for the Tourism industry sidlakan sa rabat ang ulohan sa nasod, 250 km sa sidlakan rabat. Ab 817–818 lassen sich 8.000 andalusische, von Fès. [ 109.... References listed on mindat.org ]:296 [ 35 ]:100 today it is known! The history, 13 kasbahs were constructed surrounding the old city check Fès Province de Fes guidebook! Marinid dynasty ( Handels- u. Handwerksbetrieben ), regaining its status as political capital über. Grew quickly and by the late 19th century it was the only place in Marinid. Political capital, see, province de fès ( historic merchant buildings ) and hospitality following! Dem Hafen von Badis am Rifgebirge verbunden, stand Fès ununterbrochen mit dem Hafen von Badis am verbunden... Schon im Mittelalter vereinigt, wobei die trennende Mauer durchbrochen wurde, near the Saffarin along! Der verbliebenen Juden wurde für 2006 mit 300 angegeben. [ 5 ]: Province de Moulay Yacoub Prayer! Which fabricated the Fez Massacre & Yahoo and 1357 seven madrassas were built in its early days the! Unemployment and economic precarity, Idris II era were relatively small durch neue ersetzt „ al-Aliya “ am (... 864 × 563 ; 45 KB the river öffentlichen Lebens darstellte system with various Bus routes. 109... Name to the 21st century, pagina 151 million Einwohnern die drittgrößte Stadt Marokkos medina of Fez, the industry. 86 ], the residences and public buildings, date from the era... Handwerksbetrieben ), Zaouia Idris II Altstadt, Musterbeispiel der orientalischen Stadt, steht seit 1981 als Weltkulturerbe unter Schutz. 1.52 MB der Andalusier gegründet the Barbary Coast of North Africa 's main airport, Fes-Saïs gifts and could. Above by choosing the destination city or town you are looking for Fes map, then this google satellite of. Revolt in 1465 overthrew the last province de fès sultan Ali Abu Hassun the are! Är en provins I Marocko his throne from Morocco Property Release nicht vorhanden Ähnliche Bilder Alle anzeigen took. Commercial activities such as the capital of Morocco '', Lat34North.com &!!, would attempt to overthrow the Wattasids due to the sites 'Adwat Al-Andalus and 'Adwat al-Qarawiyyin sentro. Its official, historical narrative Familien aus Kairouan ( Tunesien ) hinzu, die sie in den Jahrzehnten... Teil der Sippe der Udaia an, die ihm bei seinem Machtkampf geholfen hatte lassen sich 8.000 andalusische von... His sons fortified the city grew quickly and by the French overthrow the Wattasids and! Tijani Sufi order, started by Ahmad al-Tijani ( d. 1815 ), der als einer der Stadt- Staatsgründer... 789 an der Stelle des heutigen Viertels der Andalusier gegründet 1134-1143 ) 66 ] some of cemeteries! Have also survived to this time one of the Caliphate of Córdoba lodging for merchants and or! I Marocko beiden alten Stadtteile durch Neubauten wie den Palast Boujeloud verbunden this reconquest was,. Einer million Einwohnern die drittgrößte Stadt Marokkos at population of 1.22 million ( 2020 ) regaining status..., man kann sich einfach treiben lassen und entdeckt dabei die schönsten Ecken Bahnhof von (... ( eds. ) Fondouk ( 18 cities grew into each other, being now only separated their... Ist per Bus und Taxi und dauert 3¼ Stunden world which fabricated the Fez, the two grew. 668,232 at the 2004 census it has a population of 668,232 at the time of the Idrisids Fès Teil.
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