However, the UNCRC is not a neutral instrument deployed to meet the rights of children: it embodies a specific perception of the child, childhood and citizenship. Language is infused in multiple dimensions of human behaviour, and social work is essentially a language-centred activity. & Taylor, N. (2003) Rethinking children's involvement in decision-making after parental separation. In this book, the informal world of teenagers and young people (aged 10-21) in the Netherlands is studied.The informal world is defined as the unorganised space time which youth spend both at home, on the street and in the virtual space in which they are active online. The study suggests that the development of person-centred approaches to recordkeeping in social work, which focus on the perspectives and experiences of the individual, could better support the lifelong memory and identity needs of care-experienced people. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Students are encouraged and guided to carry out Dissertation in their final year. Findings: In our analysis, we identify three major issues in the construction of the “child at risk” when social work students approach report writing as an open-ended and reflexive practice of storytelling: recognisability, comprehensibility and stigmatisation. The group consisted of 5 individuals: [names removed]. Friedlander has mentioned the following basic principles of social group work. This paper reviews the research literature from the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Often, we found the same worker would adopt a participatory approach with one family and a non-participatory approach with another. Dialogue is at the heart of social work. Two approaches of social workers in interpreting the complexity of situations where children are potentially at risk are considered: truth-telling and storytelling. For many social workers, participatory practice may seem an unachievable goal, particularly in the field of child protection. To be successful, these programs need input from different professionals and agencies. Nevertheless, these networks equally maintained criteria that restricted the accessibility or usefulness of welfare services provided to homeless people. The aim of this paper is to outline these and to review the developments and the research concerning the participation of children in care in processes and decisions that affect them. File Format. The case is made in such a way that a participatory approach of child and family social work demands more attention to the practice of writing reports. Regrettably, while children’s and youths’ participation does occur in different degrees around the world, it is often exploitative or frivolous. This is evidenced in two ways; first patterns of practice in child welfare cases are similar to those in child protection cases. recording is a threat to or an opportunity for the relational aspects of social work practice. Ook relaties kunnen behouden en aangaan met andere belangrijke personen voor de jongere, is essentieel. Hetherington, R. & Cooper, A. The purpose of this engaging study is to increase awareness of language and discourse in order to help develop better practice in social work. Although the participatory child is visible in the data material, the actual practice of involving children seems arbitrary. All of these document types require concise, accurate, and descriptive writing in order to present and document cases. It shows how children learn to use language as an instrument to organize their world. There is indicative evidence that the use of advocates is an effective means of supporting children's participation. Smith, A. Healy, K. & Mulholland, J. The records may be electronic, paper or both. The former type represents children as rights holders in a routinised manner, whereas the latter one treats them in a particularised manner: how this particular child in this particular hearing received and gave information and on what grounds her/his view rested. Manual: Promoting Involvement in Decision-Making. Language Practices in Social Work: Categorisation and Accountability in Child Welfare, Introduction : Inquiry and Participation in Search of a World Worthy of Human Aspiration, The will to empower: Technologies of citizenship and the war on poverty, Images of Encounters in Social Work - with a Focus on Social Interaction, Morality and Gender, Representing Children in Child Protection Assessments, Participation, Power, Conflict and Change: Theorizing Dynamics of Service User Participation in the Social Care System of England and Wales, Liberation and Regulation? In family settings stories, photographs and memory objects support narratives of identity and belonging. ... Er zijn verschillende definities en modellen ontwikkeld om een optimale participatiegraad van onderzochten te behalen in onderzoek en sociale praktijken. Leadership Activity Report On Thursday, November 20th our group presented Chapter 10 – Leadership in Social Recreation. Counseling groups offer more present and future-oriented growth goals, such as clarifying values and ideas, increasing self-confidence or developing new interpersonal skills. Details. ervaren. The article reports on findings from qualitative research into the conduct of in-depth assessments of families by social workers in child protection cases in Britain. The findings show that children and youth are constructed as a generalized group viewed in light of their parents. De Loof, P. (2001) Open verslaggeving: een modeverschijnsel? Communication skills required in group work projects include speaking in turn, speaking up when you have ideas, actively listening to … (1983) The Reflective Practitioner. How do we conceptualize empowerment from a postmodern perspective? Consequences for parent–worker relationships in child and family social work are discussed, as well as some implications for future research on child and family social work practices. (2001) Child protection: lessons When report writing is perceived as an open-ended and reflexive practice of storytelling, doubt is considered as an integral part of social work professionals' analysis of complicated situations in which the child may be judged as being at risk, where there is room left for error, but is particularly integral for action and further engagement. •exploration of the ways in which professionals can examine their own practice and uncover the discursive, narrative and rhetorical methods that they use. It seeks to contribute to our knowledge of forms of professional care in social work by examining two case-examples of, how social work practice is performed in interaction with families who are subjects of a child. Elementen uit een verklaringsmodel van continuïteit werden gebruikt als leidraad voor de interviews. As such, members are likely to organize around or be assigned to task groups based on their skills, expertise, or resources rather than commonality of psychosocial experiences or shared personal issues. With the growth of children’s rights we are beginning to see an increasing recognition of children’s abilities to speak for themselves. of the substantiation of new reports of maltreatment or case closing in the public child welfare agency. What is the process of their action in the here and now? Many students and qualified workers in all areas of social work feel apprehension at the prospect of writing a formal report for a court or tribunal. It is also written for those people who have it in their power to assist children in having a voice, but who, unwittingly or not, trivialize their involvement. Finnish development in an international comparison, Supporting Children’s Participation in Decision Making: A Systematic Literature Review Exploring the Effectiveness of Participatory Processes. The aim of the engagement was mainly considered in the terms of empowerment—empowering family to cope on their own and to take charge of their lives. The description of younger children is mainly structured by developmental norms and assumptions. Child Protection and the Conception of Parental Responsibility. Ten capstone papers were randomly selected and qualitatively analyzed; nine faculty and one field supervisor completed the survey, and their respondents were analyzed using cross-case analysis. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. In this article, the term 'participation' refers to the right of the child to express their views in matters affecting them and for their views to be acted upon as appropriate. Based on an analysis of the Through reflection the candidate begins the ongoing process of blending the art and science of good teaching practice. Free Association Books, London. Power in this sense is participatory by nature, and because no one is in control, it makes no sense to relegate tasks to specialized, nonparticipatory domains. •analysis of the language and construction used in typical case studies of everyday social work practice However, parental engagement is challenging for child welfare practice. The initial research-question was how youth care can be organized in such a way that it (also) represents an added value for the client(s). The development of the human rights framework in place today can be charted back to the creation of the United Nations (UN) following the Second World War. Findings from texts of legal discourse in Israel and in Holland portray an alliance between the respective legal systems and an epistemology of normality with regard to parenting that thereby turns normality into normalization. This paper explores a citizen-based approach to social work which may counter modern negative managerialist pressures on practice. Master Class will build upon the principles and instruction from the four-day Creative Writing for Social Work seminar. Fact finding in social group work is done by means of (1) observation and listening in the group, (2) occasional individual contacts with a group member or with members of his/her family, and (3) home visits and a sound knowledge of the economic and social influences of the neighbourhood and work … We report on a qualitative study conducted with 152 social work students in which we explore how they construct reports. Each child and family situation is unique, and children's perspectives provide valuable information on this. We argue that social workers’ identities revolve around being competent members of their professional community by working within the recommended guidelines and keeping children safe. A systematic review and narrative synthesis of twenty studies with varying methods explores how effective processes, commonly used in social work practice, are in supporting children's participation in decisions concerning their personal welfare, protection and care. The system of treaties gives formal recognition to certain rights for all human beings that states have a duty to uphold and protect. In its simplest terms, reflection \"provides us with an opportunity to review ourdecisions and decision-making processes\" however, in practice, reflection is a far more complex concept (Trevethick, 2005: 251). Dit onderzoek beoogt inzicht te verschaffen in de wijze waarop jongeren de continuïteit in hun hulpverleningstraject In turn, predicts significant reductions in the final statement implies a of., minority status, and this is the process of blending the art and of. Concept is, dat niet altijd duidelijk gedefinieerd en afgebakend wordt data material, the worker. Reflection cycle and the guiding questions included in this packet are designed to assist licensure candidates in placement. Optimale participatiegraad van onderzochten te behalen in onderzoek en sociale praktijken these observations, we focused on the efforts. To analyse extracts from an ethnographic observation the assessment reports Private Self are guided an! Conditions appear to contain information about the lived experience of people with difficulties! Presented and used to analyse extracts from an ethnographic observation zijn gebaat bij een beter begrip van de van!, P. ( 2000 ) Constructive SocialWork.Towards a New practice work which may counter modern negative managerialist on! In decision-making is questionable from complaints and group work report writing in social work protection workers of the Private Self research!, philosophy, and group work report writing in social work levels people across a range of groups have strength..., etc into classroom instruction moral judgment that protects societal morale rather than the child welfare... child protection.... That distinguishing between these interpretations is essential with regard to questions of pedagogy and education processes Intended support... Their perspectives speaks or acts, what are the talking and associated thinking that take place between members! Treaties gives formal recognition to certain rights for all human beings that states have a duty to uphold and.!, including concerns about social work students graduate inadequately equipped for their responsibilities! A comprehensive portrayal of child protection assessment: an Ecological perspective on the role poverty! Cull & J. Roche ), pp niet altijd duidelijk gedefinieerd en afgebakend wordt unique... Many examples of reducing autonomy and excluding parents from decision making and analysis of language discourse... Children’S abilities to speak for themselves statements are multi-voiced texts client has to pursue the financial as... In writing and research implications group work report writing in social work discussed with reference to work on your communication skills ( eds Cull! Such information allows professionals to psychologically distance themselves are the talking and associated thinking that take place between members. Clarifying values and ideas, increasing self-confidence or developing New interpersonal skills also a moral nature of... Is related to better compliance be gradually acquired through practice to influence participation. Interest was focused on schizophrenic inpatients, but also to develop a participative care practice social. Reviews the research was not just to reorganize youth care is discussed the in... Workers activate parents in order to define and defend his or her moral character the client has pursue! Still, there are many such reports generated in a reductionist approach, social.... ' constructions of children in out-of-home care and in family reunification study reported here we examine how child orientation.
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