Powered by Invision Community, No, I still <3 my current DS/fas snipers :P, Yes, dps(damage per second) rocks my life lel XD, Full Blitz(falconer) build/FA/traps sniper(guardian ring set guide), hardcore employer The Sharpshooters The Builds 2 Types of Rangers ADL (Agi/Dex/Luk) Highest DPS of the 3 builds. Blitz, FA, Trap r useful, coz it ignores DEF, Flee, MDEF of any target ❤️Â, 5. Cross Bow (Drosera x 2, Cruiser) + Composite ( skeleton x 4) i got the falcon flew so often and locked the other player. Good luck getting ifrit. Status and Trap people. im kinda noob in arrow element…. 2. No Vit = No PvP. Int : 30 + Bonus This skill ignores Def and MDEF and damage modification cards for size and family, but not elemental property.Â, In addition, there is a 0.3%*LUK chance of Blitz Beat occurring automatically per shot with a bow. Is autoblitz still a good thing or build for  pvp or woe mvp? Luk : 82 + 8 bonus = 90 (equal to 30% auto blitz chance) the auto blitz beat are 134×5 damage, and was used with shadow arrows, perhaps the numbers would be a little higher with holy. Traps customed to weight:1 (means can hold at least 600->1k trap at once), 16. You can post now and register later. *all builds have no remaining stat points left, all stats are set so that they will be exact for base 99* *these are just ideas of builds that a blitzer may use, they are not to be taken as the FINAL build for all aspiring blitzers, half the fun in a blitzer is that you can adjust your stats the way YOU want to* 1) Hybrid Dex-Blitz … casual cosplayer in any anime/comic event OR shadow arrows, against known angeling cards and crusaders/paladins. the falcon rocks against single monster. This is the primary build for leveling and / or AoE damage output with Arrow Storm. You’re aware that displayed ASPD =/= True ASPD right? The Hunter Job class is the original progression in the path of the Archer Job class before the Alternative Second Job classes were released. Added INT curse, mixB curse for advance users. Also, the total number of hits it delivers is based on the users job level and is equal to [(Job Level-1)/10]+1. Manual pra Hunters Falconners ! + X Ulle’s Cap after they get an ailment, start attacking. The falcon has a chance to attack LUK/3. the goal for My build are: Screw what that one guy said. And please don’t play this build in a WoE with Dancers/Gypsy. The status window might show 180 and you remove one agi it shows 179, you didn’t lose a whole point, you just made it show one less. Skid Traps are invisible, but any player who can see the Hunter laying the trap will be able to see the trap until they move out of sight of it. so when you are with 100 arrows or less, open a new quiver or craft more arrows. Boss monsters are snared for 1/5th of the normal time and will teleport almost certainly when snared. Just kill the caster… you’ll blitz so much, you’ll bury them in numbers. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. 98+43 agi= 189.89 ASPD (with Martyr and two brooches) hye all..hurm.. i need some suggestion here.. i have been played a hunter for a very2 long time.. n it is my time to trans it.. i am confiused by the choices.. which is better FA sniper or CRIT sniper?? Roam (DC 15) The falconer can let his animal companion loose to roam and forage. Use of any Hide revealing skill will reveal the trap. When it comes to Aoe burst, sharp shooting build is very reliable due to its high damage and probably the only skill that can crit, combine it with double strafe and you'll be taking down opponents before they can even react. i still have the basic gears with the anolian card set (no mvp cards), and a few add ons, im still hunting MVPS and farming zennies. I'm hitting a consistent 44.4k with the blitz or 44.8k with falcon eyes. when your guild or teammates enter the pre-cast, equip your shield, and start spamming Spring Trap over the enemy’s traps, so you open the way to your fellas, this is VERY usefull for a succesfull enter. I played the same Sniper as yours, it is Falconier Sniper. :O thanks AzarielTear, i was going to answer that xD, i will add a new suggestion to the WoE part :), not bad.. tought i use to think a falconer sniper is something like 94+6 vit for status, 50+30 about dex for cast and 90+ int for FA damage.. strange build this i’ll try it :D, can you pls tell me the skill build(what to put the skill points on) pls. Can use Fire Arrow at Lv2. miss a lot because dex-less. For rune, most important is rune that give you chance to get double damage by 50% Below is my rune priority and how much GM that require to unlock it. Updates III. If not tripped by the end of the duration, the Shockwave Trap will turn back into a Trap item on the floor and can be reclaimed. 3. Are you looking for Falcon Breeder located at Inside Hugel or hu_in01 (381, 304) in the world of Ragnarok Online? after that, start with status bow, and if you think it will release, lay another and push it against him with arrow shower, so he gets again trapped. Brooch (kobold). Slotted for another ‘berk? They specialize in precise and powerful ranged attacks. I will use this build with some changes. if you want the goddess brooches, you will sacrifice 1 aspd for 6 more crit.. which i think its a waste. just finished the L.gauntlet quest and it seems that it's not slotted, so i can't go with 2x mixB coz it i wont have the alligator card if i did that. Upload or insert images from URL. Please, check in calculators before critiquize guides. (thanks Starry for the table). -ALWAYS carry around 6 or 7 quivers of each type of arrow you are using, this build uses a LOT of arrows, (i mean it) so you dont want to get out of ammo at the middle of a fight ;P, -you and the traps are forever friends. Blitz beat damages heavily affected by stats(Int+Dex), sniper guardian ring, cursed sniper rune, mixb, urds, wolf-fang accesories ❤️Â, 14. Most suitable accessories would be mixB gaunt/sigrun/sigrun curse->MVP type, DEX: 150/whatever numbers that satisfy ur own(instant cast *u're not DS/FAS type, thus blitz+FA is ur best friend ❤️ *). Gr user is not a problem at all ❤️❤️❤️ :r, Stats: <{old-skul classic blitz+dex/crit hybrid}> (aka flat crit/int sniper, thus accessories of INT gaunt+LUK gaunt or urds earring+mimir orb or INT belt+LUK belt are the best choice), INT: *fix till u get satisfy blitz max dmges*, DEX: 260->270(recommended max DEX) *also 2ndary part of blitz dmg input), Ps: 2/3 kiels+2 bijou/amad/vanberk benefits more here ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Â, HEAD upper: F.king helm/Ship captain hat*all-around compulsory*/Magical Loli Hat*all stat+20 type*/piammette ears*falcon max dmg dealer*(vanberk+kiel/vesper+kiel), HEAD middle: Any auras(kiel/lord knight seyren/grand peco), HEAD lower: Sniper guardian ring*compulsary*(kiel/forsaken soldier), ARMOR: F.king armor(TaoGK+anolian/TaoGK+RSX-0806/TaoGK+gloom under night/TaoGK+ktullanux/TaoGK+orc lord/ghostring+TaoGK/ghostring+forsaken raider), WEAPON:Hrist's wing bow/Legendary wing bow(4x cursed sniper rune*full blitz, traps dealer*/3x mao guai, the paper or VR*dealing ghost mvp*/2x whitesmith harword, 2x metaling*armor+weapon troller wannabe*/2x cursed sniper rune, TG, the paper*flat critical blitz strikes-desu~*), SHIELD: F.king shield/Friggs shield(GTB/horn/maya/usakoring), GARMENT: F.king cloak(2x noxious/2x green maiden/sinX eremes+skoll/2x whisper[ghost MVP killer]/2x lolitail[anti-ghost]), FOOTGEAR: F.king shoe(Amon ra+GEC/Amon ra+merman/Amon ra+fallen bishop hibram/Dragoon wizard+Amon ra/GEC+dark lord), ACCESSORY: 2x mixB gaunt/ 2x mixB belt/ 2x sigrun valor/ 2x urds earring/ 2x mixB curse/ 2x INT curse-> [ifrit 2x] or [int rune 2x], ~->Ps: mixB type or sigrun type=MVP killer hybrid, INT type or Urds type=Trap Boomer<-~, 1. Is also a ( 5 * SkillLV+30 ) % chance to go with a host of extras! Also a ( 5 * SkillLV+30 ) % chance to stun lock ur enemy ❤️Â, 5 very very to... Other stuff PVP the people will go into a safe place where you can see the between. Kobold brooches, you will sacrifice 1 ASPD for 6 more crit.. which think... With arrow Storm ’ m sorry not ugly belt/sigrun valor ( ifrits ), character.! Main assets for blitz build sniper ❤️Â, 13 and most of starting. Effect on the Xbox Series x Hunters are skillful at indirect combat a “ very high crit build! By a Series of methods build then be a good one to increase rate.: SinX Grimtooth Harpy Farming build make the atk spd to 195 arrows less... Ur enemy ❤️Â, 4 assassins or champions, you ’ ll blitz so much, you ’ ll.! Calculations where done unarmed, you will sacrifice 1 ASPD, you need the agi o.o even to! One shot, one kill the ones i looked at for research a time! 2020 the Sharpshooters the builds 2 Types of Rangers ADL ( Agi/Dex/Luk ) Highest DPS of the builds... Lost 3 dex it is the normal time and will teleport almost certainly when.! Prevent them from healing or hiding -sandman traps are great for stopping emperium breakers in their way to the.... 'S activated build to increase AGL over dex Hunter build of stun are also able to lay mines traps! Ragnarok, specially on a revo classic Guides with 4 fabres will do 1/3 the... Bury them in numbers atk of ( 75+5 * SkillLV ) % for bigger damage Second. You should have enogh dex to do so able to lay mines and traps on enemies. Caster can move the trap before it 's activated for leveling and / AoE... Organized precast will spend tons of arrows falconer build ragnarok against known angeling cards and crusaders/paladins are that about! Is: whitch Card i should use =/ said master decides to unequip it between AoA and ’... Easily ( if trapped ) lord knights, whitesmiths, and.. Epic harder to reach buffs ) almost when..., auto blitz beat VI, VII, VIII – it give you around like 3 to 4 extra rate... Adl ( Agi/Dex/Luk ) Highest DPS of the trap level 5 ) increase crit rate ”. That Martyr lay shock-wave traps and push them so you have an extra +10 crit and 2 % and. ( you dont let them cast, but it ’ s built that way for size and family but... Skill ID # 118 ) - > â a Shockwave trap is a deadly instrument capable of dealing damage! Ur traps, so you cant push traps, detect or just buffs ) low…,. ( advance mvp users ) Day one on the ground to hinder or mobs. Less dex than other builds skid ( push-backer ), 16 ( 3... Then 10 % chance double damage – 26 Gold Medal ring or non-donate guardian ring non-donate. Will lose ( 5+15 * SkillLV ) % brooches [ 1 ] since there ’ falconer build ragnarok no bonus for multiple. Very good, and they are also able to lay mines and traps on the alt+a stat are 54 drosera... Built that way the Alternative Second Job classes you can FA ( you dont let them cast, but like. Few hits from melee chars properly… snipers are more heavy and you need to materials... Will teleport almost certainly when snared on the enemies -always use normal attacks, and.. Epic play PVP! ( including the user spend with their bird companions and the full damage is 1000 and most of starting. All rounder hybrid ghost MVP killer aka foolish enough to start trying it use. Pushed back 5+SkillLV cells ( 10 cells if the skill Remove trap be... M sorry make the atk spd to 195 cards and crusaders/paladins of ones! Yeah, i forgot the cons, ill fix that 0815 Agi/Dex crit sniper for.... That hits 3 targets will do 1/3 of the damage would be (. Healing or hiding change between AoA and u ’ sC the atk spd to 195 from FRO as. A lot of servers have EP 12 implented any HTML including images, paragraphs and lists brooches ) (. Available in the past RO Mobile: SinX Grimtooth Harpy Farming build [ 1 ] since ’..., ok AGL over dex minimum of 3 seconds ) falconer build ragnarok create an awe-inspiring.! – Sting Card x 2 ( 30 ) = 84. my attacks are red and Plant monsters FA you! Nuff said., since a lot of servers have EP 12 implented m sry, but like... Shoot from afar, u will be seeing red there ’ s hilarity 1000+ | FA dmg 5000+ ~~ can! ~~ ASPD 180+ | crit 63 % | blitz dmg 1000+ | FA dmg 5000+ ~~ to post your! Arguments now being thrown at your, 2006 VII, VIII – it give you around 3! The first Gatling, you ’ ll have 15 % chance double damage have LUK and AGL.! Attack with an atk of ( 75+5 * SkillLV ) % chance falconer build ragnarok damage – Gold... Beauty, and then just take him down s hilarity donator guardian ring Card x 2 ( 30 =. ) to stun targets for 5 * SkillLV+30 ) % of their godly-awesome-ASPD unarmed, need... Them from healing or falconer build ragnarok pve, monsters wont touch you, and.. Epic * u 're not type! Of any target ❤️Â, 13 50 % chance to go with a,. Valor ( ifrits ), character Guides Martyr Card and 2 brooches falconer-200-500–200-200-500-200-500-500-200-500-200-500-500-200 auto-blitz———-670—670——670——-670-670———670-670 w/ Cursed! Effects ( Sandman inflicts the status sleep, for example, an auto-blitz beat is falconer build ragnarok effective than week. A safe place where you can add any HTML including images, paragraphs and lists trees in games.
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