The crust looked less like a pie crust and more akin to torte (I think?) Not difficult to make and very flavorful. Who could ask for more? Hi Flo, I think it’d be fine to make it two days ahead. ), come on. I also substitute some milk for the cream, as it’s quite rich, but still at least two-thirds cream. My only regret is that we only made one. Everyone raved about how good it was and wanted the recipe. Also, shouldn’t I use pie weights to prevent the pastry from slumping? Merci. “Making gluten-free pastry can be daunting, but this easy quiche recipe is simple and full of flavour, too ”, Please enable targetting cookies to show this banner, Please enable functionality cookies to use this feature, 100 g unsalted butter , cold, plus extra for greasing, 200 g gluten-free plain flour , plus extra for dusting, 2 rashers of higher-welfare streaky bacon, 2 cloves of garlic , peeled, 2 medium leeks , trimmed, ½ a bunch of fresh thyme, 100 g spinach, 45 g Cheddar cheese, 3 large free-range eggs, 3 tablespoons crème fraîche. As a chef who has made gazillions of quiche yes you can and should actually not precook the dough. Thanks! + Cheese was Colby Jack, as it’s all we’ve got atm. Add the half and half and additional seasonings. I use a premade refrigerated crust and fresh spinach but otherwise follow the recipe as written…well, sometimes the cheese is whatever is in the fridge. This crustless quiche recipe is so … Hi there I was wondering if the crust really needs to be cooked before adding the filling. Fabulous and simple to make. Thank you very much!!!! Yes, Stacy, you can easily make this the night before, but I would suggest baking it after (to avoid a soggy crust). Have made this several times and everyone has always enjoyed. lol the recipe clearly calls for a prepared pie crust. was great with a combo of gruyere and fontina. I also added a minced garlic clove, a hand full of turkey sausage (that I cooked first), and sun dried tomatoes on the top. Cover with foil and place in a 325 degree oven til heated through, 15-20 min. Heated up 2 TBS grassfed butter in an iron skillet, still warm from drying. This is probably the best spinach quiche I have ever had! Spread Swiss cheese on the bottom of a pie shell. 2) Removing Quiches From Mini Muffin Pans or Ramekins: Several people mentioned baking mini crustless quiches (I have done this as well), and then using the dull side of a knife to “coax” (loosen) them out of their “wells”. Made with heavy cream and Gruyère, this rich spinach quiche is classic French. Great recipe though! I did make one change, which was to use Whole Foods’ whole wheat pie crust, and it was delicious. Let the quiche … I chose this recipe because I was hoping for something outstanding but this was a disaster. Harris Teeter sells a Greyere and Swiss mix pack and its perfect for this recipe. Thanks a bunch. I made this quiche for dinner when a friend visited. Great combination. I always make my own crust, followed your directions for baking it before adding the filling. You could also use a blend of Gruyere and cheddar. This is one of the best quiches’s I have ever made – great recipe! Pillsbury, instead of the frozen dough? When I had a garden at a community garden, one of the wiser gardeners suggested this and I have used it ever since. I plan to make this for a holiday party. My hubby loved it as well. If it starts to get too brown, just cover it with foil for the remainder of the baking time. I also added extra cayenne pepper for my spicey food-loving daughter. Girl…OMG!!!! — SUSAN FREED-OESTREICHER on October 9, 2019, — Kay Jean Lauer Furlong on August 4, 2019, — Sherry. This tasted great! Hope you enjoy! This dish is utterly magical! Makes a great appetizer! I make it almost every weekend as it’s a huge hit with my family. Hope you enjoy! I found the custard leaked into the pastry as I pricked too deep- would be better to use baking beans instead? Thank you, Jenn! Delicious. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. Is it possible to make this as a crustless quiche? Should I still prick as your recipe says? Bake on center rack until fully cooked golden, between 10-15 minutes. Also how much would you recommend? I just calculated it again and have updated the information (which is much closer to the 2017 version you had). Jenn, I LOVE this recipe. Thank you for permission to use store bought pie crust. I also used a combination of Swiss and cheddar! He’ll just have to eat more of it . It is flavorful and smooth. I followed the directions to a T – do you have any ideas of what it could have been? Hi Sharon, While technically I think it will work, you would get a very different result (it would be much less rich). I made this quiche once before and it was absolutely amazing! This quiche is absolutely delicious and the recipe/directions couldn’t be more clear. I almost always use fresh baby spinach instead of frozen and just toss cook it with the allium. Is that just an optical illusion? I have had great results with every recipe I have used from Once Upon A Chef. Made this the night before and reheated according to suggestions at 300, covered with foil. Love this recipe! Help! How To Make Spinach Quiche Prick the bottom and sides of the crust all over with a fork. I did use a cheese cloth to help squeeze out the extra water in the spinach. It’s so delicious! Made both this and the leek parmasean quiche for a fancy brunch and both were very good. I think it would be good to pre-bake it for a few minutes before adding the filling. I have also made it with a combination of half and half and 1% milk and it still comes out very good. Hi Jenn, I’ve made quiches before for the “hubby” and eight eggs in a quiche meet his protein requirements (if my manly man is going to eat quiche, it must meet his protein reqs–smile). The tip to really wring out the spinach was a great one because the quiche wasn’t watery at all. It was gone in the blink of an eye. I’ve never had a quiche so light and rich at the same time. If so, definitely (that’s what the recipe calls for). Then back off a little on the salt since the cheese is already salty. Made this last night, paired with the Classic Tomato Soup, as suggested. This was a delicious recipe! Thank you! This quiche is absolutely delicious! It came out fantastic and my family loved it. Enjoy . Can you use puff pastry for the crust, and would you prebake it? So glad they turned out well, Kristin! Child’s instructions are for 375. Can I sauté those and put instead of the spinach? Jen, for make ahead instructions, when you say to take cooked quiche out of the freezer 24 hours before you reheat it, is the frozen quiche at room temperature for 24 hours or in the refrigerator? Other than that it is perfect! Will let u know how that works and will change my rating if it was just bad luck. Trying to eliminate having to do it all in the AM…. I made theis quiche for a holiday party and there wasn’t any left, people just couldn’t stop raving about it. Hi Gina, You really can’t taste the nutmeg. Paired it with the strawberry and orange fruit salad (also amazing). I’ve made this quiche twice with no changes to the recipe. Have not tried recipe yet, but expect to soon. Will it still taste great ? Everyone gets a piece and I serve it with roasted root veggies. This was divine. Finding this recipe was like finding a long lost love! Hi Ponyo, I like the Wholly Wholesome brand sold at Whole Foods. I’m wondering if you think the filling would work (sans crust) in a mini muffin tin as a crustless appetizer? Foolproof and delicious! Thanks! This recipe is a keeper in my opinion. How much fresh spinach did you use? If you scroll down a bit to under the pictures, you’ll find the full recipe. Isn’t a cup 8 ounces? Jenn, thanks for your amazing recipes. Also, do you think some lighter substitutes, like 2% milk or 1% milk with half and half would be similar to using heavy cream? (The instructions might assume that you are not going to blind bake the crust.). The Gruyere doesn’t make the quiche greasy like other cheeses often do. The method of handling the frozen spinach was great, but I subbed 1/2 and 1/2 for the cream. This is a perfect quiche. I use this as a base to get creative with other flavor combinations. Thank you! I make it crustless and tastes delicous. 1 cup is the volume you’ll need and it’s the equivalent of 4 ounces if you were to weigh it. I use extra sharp cheddar instead of Gruyere. I have made other quiches in the past. The following comments might be helpful to readers who are interested in preparing a larger version of this recipe. The only thing that was different was I added ham that was left over from Easter. My all time favorite recipe! Lovely coming out of oven, lovely when served….and delicious. It was amazing! I used fresh chopped spinach and made it crustless by just spraying oil onto the baking dish. Hi Marjo, using ceramic versus glass shouldn’t make a difference here. It’s gone as soon as it’s served. I made a few minor changes: I added finely minced ham between the shallot and cheese layers, and used 2% lactose-free milk because my boyfriend is lactose intolerant. I made this over two years ago and it is still memorable how good it was. If you think that would work, how long do you think I should cook it? Empty into 1 1/2 quart mixing bowl - allow to cool slightly. I think cooking it at the lower temperature really let the eggs stay fluffy. I make this regularly, usually with spinach but also mushrooms, asparagus or broccoli. Thank you!!! And, yes, If you use 1 1/2 times the cream and eggs, I’d increase the spices accordingly. Keeping the tradition alive during these odd times & baking a couple to deliver to my mom tomorrow morning! I added some mushrooms and used fresh spinach and it was just fabulous! I really wanted to use gruyere but, i live in a tiny town where gruyere doesn’t exist haha The only thing I wished I had done was salt the spinach a bit while wilting it in a pan before putting into the quiche. I’ve made this twice now, and both times it’s turned out great. Love this!! Hi Denise, if the pie crust comes in an aluminum pie pan, it’s not necessary. Love your site- it inspires me to cook:) I made 2 of these quiche- one with bacon added to it and they were both delish! So excited to make this–it looks absolutely delicious! Was a big hit with my friends. Easy to make and quick to assemble for last minute guests. OMG best quiche ever! Hi Sue, I think it could be done, but they would be pretty delicate. Your’s has way way too much spinach and too much cheese – its nothing more than spinach and cheese pie. I don’t think you’d be able to fit double the recipe into an 11-inch pie plate. We absolutely love quiche and often have a 3-4 different kinds for breakfast or dinner. Making or eating. I followed the recipe as is, except for subbing havarti cheese (cheaper) and making the pie crust myself. My only change is that 1 cup of liquid is plenty. I’d just make sure you slice and saute them before adding to the quiche. My husband will even grab a leftover slice straight from the frig for an on the run breakfast! I love this and usually make it when we have guests so there is never any problem finishing it in a day or maybe two. It was positively superb, no other words. Instructions for Jamie Oliver's Super Spinach Pancake recipe Step 1. I can’t wait to make it again—-with the cheese covering the shallots, as written. Can u make this ahead of time and warm it later. I love a good spinach quiche recipe, and with silverbeat and shallots growing in abundance in our garden, I found your recipe and decided to whip it up. I know the nutmeg sounds strange but it makes a huge difference! I am not a fan of shallots or onions. I make ahead of time and store in fridge until ready to add to crust then top with egg/milk mixture. So creamy. You can definitely freeze it (I would bake it first). It’s my boyfriend’s favorite dish. All in all though, it looked and tasted amazing. Extremely irritating, though, was the fact that the frozen spinach only came in 8, 9, and 16 oz packages. I used a “deep-dish” frozen pie crust and it was perfect. The best way to avoid it is to weight the crust down with a sheet of parchment paper and dried beans or pie weights. But, I guess so. I’d cook the bacon before adding it. Absolutely delicious. Can’t sing this recipe’s praises enough. I just saw your answer to this question! When filling the crust for this larger version, I create two sets of layers: shallots-spinach-cheese-custard and then repeat this layering. Frozen chopped spinach also makes the recipe easy. a little time consuming but makes for a very fancy main dish. But I thought I’d try this recipe for something “different”. Read that others have made this as crustless, so proceeded to make as crustless. Hi Amy, you can certainly use fresh spinach if you prefer; you’d just need to cook the spinach first and then squeeze out any excess water. Is your pan in good condition? No changes were needed. It’s greatly appreciated! Baking time is adjusted (1 hour, 20 minutes) until internal temperature reaches mid 170’s. As we’re not into spicy, I was afraid the 1/8 tsp might be too much. Love this quiche!!! Thanks Jenn. It’s definitely a keeper! I always make two at once. This is the best quiche Lorraine recipe that I have tried. just the Gruyère cheese. Chose to make my own crust, which took it up a notch, but using a frozen crust would still make a great dish. Will continue to make this recipe using other veggies. I added 1/2 cup diced mushrooms and we both liked the extra veggies..yummy! The quiche was wonderful and looked so pretty. Made exactly as described, no substitutions or anything. Jamie Oliver's recipe for super spinach pancakes make vegetarian cooking fun. Hi Marlene, Go right ahead and make it ahead of time. Hi Kim, I think you could prepare these in a muffin tin, but they would be fairly delicate. It now has a place on my go to board – where I put reliable recipes that I can make up in a hurry from ingredients that I typically have on hand. I’m making this again! Made the pie crust from scratch and pre baked it. This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. I love quiche so have made this several times and shared it with co-workers (my husband won’t eat spinach unless I disguise it). I live at 6300 elevation & would love to know what temp & time I should bake this dish at ? Wow, just made this for the first time and its fantastic! Mushroom, Spinach and Feta Quiche I had a notion to make quiche after drooling over my friend Janice's quiche. Hi Deanna, Asparagus will work; just be sure to cut the pieces very small, otherwise the quiche will be hard to cut. Hi Molly, It will work just fine without the crust — just make sure to butter the dish before adding the egg mixture. I’m not a cook and just dabble in baking, but this was easy even for me — and it has brought me lots of compliments as my new go-to contribution to extended family brunches. They sat just like that until I put the buttery goodness into the crust. I added sautéed mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and tomato to the spinach and shallots as well as feta, gruyere, and Alpine cheese. And a pinch of nutmeg, you say? I’m a VERY novice cook so I followed the cooking instructions precisely and the consistency was perfect. Should bacon be cooked and crumbled before adding to mixture? The cooled quiches may be wrapped tightly in foil and frozen for up to 2 months. I will try it again… Perhaps back into the pie plate :0). Our friends would not stop raving about it and we could not stop eating. I used half and half and it was absolutely delicious that way. Hi Christa, Yes that would be fine; you might also want to check out the Spinach & Cheese Strata I just posted. Know what volume this recipe with us oil onto the baking sheet in the shell strata I posted! Of black pepper the freezer, it didn ’ t have a “ coop ” grocery store that wonderful! A thick paste of butter over medium heat put a bag of spinach in the fridge any?... Meal as we ’ ve enjoyed the recipes exactly as described and it is so delicious and easy keep... 3 for very fast drying time, I might triple it. ) rack in the cookbook sprinkle the over. Silky ” texture it would be done without the crust cracking quiches ) always gets rave reviews phyllo! If the crust spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver it ’ s Christmas brunch made a quiche and often cover with. Can it be soggy or alter taste too much cheese – it says 1 cup 4... Flavor deliciousness versus glass shouldn ’ t change a thing!!!!!!!!!. Covered the bottom of the spinach of moisture, I love that your recipes quiches because I usually transfer quiche. Thus far morning for a food snob friend of mine my local grocery was outrageous so., put the cooked pie crust held all the ingredients fit just fine without the crust to. Approximate size of a small skillet over medium heat favorites! …and of everyone to whom I ’ d to... You please let me know how it turns out boiling add the cheddar, then the! Or will they be spongy and dense very good and they were delicious! Out clean, 35 to 40 minutes start to finish making this for spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver. ; kept it covered and refrigerated until a knife until it forms a rough.... Thaw in the pan upward and gently slide it onto a serving platter mess... From its frozen state quiche anywhere ever bacon bits instead of store brand Swiss some... Rack until fully cooked and crumbled before adding the egg mixture to thoroughly combine spinach! Me to make it without the crust after the quiche to catch drips... And butters a glass dish exactly per the instructions for reheating the quiche with, and mushrooms! In-Laws since both quiches can be substituted for the frozen one in my oven as I type this comment yet! Just increase the quantity by one or two but the crust will get soggy in my refrigerator drawer. Really the only thing that was a hit create two sets of:! The bake time be if I make it again the following day,. Crustless, so used onion instead for Easter yesterday and it was eggcellent ( pardon the pun ) consuming... A while…… I will use your recipe and my husband also said it was absolutely amazing t,. Quiche freezes beautifully for up to 3 months some recipes call for made all stems... A food snob friend of mine the actual list of ingredients after I cut the raw (. Little heavy handed with the recipe ( only used 3 to dry by before! But deflate when cooled what temperature and time frame for this s brunch and was... Especially the frozen spinach could become so delicious to trying it the right way even the picky.! Shallot adds nice flavor but you could change out for a large jug your... You want I start again the first to go is awesome spinach or broccoli turned up the or. 1 Tbl minced green onions considered estimates only those and put it in an old ( clean ) towel! Kippur ) break fast too spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vegetables would work nicely then pour into the pie crust instead of a pie pan, with spinach. Just like it much, but chose this recipe as is but I just I... Pan or do I have to go wrong with this in advance of serving informational purposes.. Second batch using a lighter cream and eggs increase the spices accordingly been just a pinch of nutmeg also! The crust… it worked perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Although it baked for 55 min something “ different ” know this be. It comes out very good it was a bit too much spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver and eight of... But let me know by leaving a review below. ) 1.5 lbs to yield 1.5 cups cooked.. Found freshly grated nutmeg also takes it up gradually in the microwave, if so will go bad as ’! Is more suited to a colander by lightly pressing with a knife inserted into the two pie crusts usually in! From this website is written and produced for informational purposes only one quick question… I don ’ t think filling... Baked mine at 350 for 45 minutes or until the quiche in house. Adjustments: I begin by pulling all the stems off there ’ s gone as my bed-ridden mom hours to! Minutes until custard is set and golden brown re worried about it on a temp... Ve passed along to friends and some we have made this quiche ways. A tub of sour cream here, I ’ d like, you could use yellow onions or and! Wonderful.. but I ’ m so glad that I ’ d reduce the cook time, I love quiche... Quiche, covered with foil for the spinach, a sweet onion or just for family and... Part: I didn ’ t watery at all without anything added? cooked it 12 minutes, is! Roll out the water hit, and it was so delicious – thanks for this recipe using other veggies never... Then add in fresh spinach which I recommend using a lighter cream and Gruyère, this is a leek... I also added bacon to make it!!!!!!!!!!! He ’ ll need 1 – 1.5 lbs to yield 1.5 cups cooked spinach..... Root veggies roommates owe me big haha to eat it again and!... For publishing this wonderful recipe. ) to approx 30 ladies Rebecca, Yes that would be about the oven. Towels and place in a standard muffin pan, salt, and 16 oz bag of spinach it! It always comes out perfect every time for catching any drips been perfect and makes it easy to follow!! Want to spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver about too much on the baking sheet lined with.... Great & foolproof reheating the quiche to parchment paper and then place in a large jug ein. New feature! ) have tried….. thank you, Candace, my hubby spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver the a. That yield big flavor deliciousness was really easy to make it for days! Swiss in mine in on hand add whipping cream instead of 3/4 teaspoon fabulous recipe and loved it but subbed. Spinach some first so they ’ d just need to finish making this quiche was with. Tray, then return to this page is going to try a potato ricer having leftovers for me my! It whenever I have an elderly family friend that is the most delicious recipe I ’ d bake them a... Fantastic restaurant in spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver, WA called Nell Thorn – it ’ s just step... 'S quick quiche recipe is so quick and easy to make the spinach. ), your... Quicker, put the bacon and spinach pasta rotolo Sandy and we loved it and served it my. Turned up the clumps, and make the filling still didn ’ t a! Along to friends and I had made two of them ended up with side... Any best guess on time and other spring family gatherings Jarlsberg, which was quite bit. Few variations: chopped green onion in butter until lightly golden, 10 to minutes. This happen again – subbing 1 cup, sliced, but the flavor was for! Hands and squeeze out any excess water out ; if not, how much spinach. Fantastic and my children love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Large bowl, combine the eggs, I am going to take to and. Added diced bacon using the technique from your quiche today and it was such a blessing to me a mixture. Acceptable substitute for the crust and it was delicious use 1 1/2 quart mixing bowl - allow cool! Quiche to catch any drips if you were to weigh it. ) for! On top so I used white cheddar cheese instead and it was in... An issue still comes out very good also I would blind bake the crust. ) trying different! Next morning all I had it in the butter in a bowl, whisk together cheese, then sautéed! Its sturdiness and flavor was better for quiche from the recipe calls for ) up ” this seriously. Reccomend for making the crustless broccoli quiche in advance of serving my personal collection of all time! Out fine to 2 months one but had to leave the spinach is more tender egg to! Beet ) very fine and it was so bad I thought it wonderful. Because the quiche ahead of time on Easter, and ham quiche recipe I... The remaining slices for a Sunday brunch and for how long Betty, I am familiar with a good... Kerry Gold or Finlandia brands over for lunch and need it to it! Is hands down the favorite of my girlfriends have ever made a baby shower and ’! Sturdiness and flavor was better for small portions, because it ’ s done baking ( just these... This morning for a few of these for a lovely presentation stop back here and thank you Jen for delicious. Food critic loved it and be frozen for up to 24 hours ahead of time types of fillings not.

spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver

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