Welcome to Lithuania!

It is a green and flat land in the north of Europe, ashore the Baltic Sea. It is one of three Baltic countries, and shares borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia (Kaliningrad).

Though Lithuania was mentioned already in 1009, now it is a young republic, trying to recover from a grinding occupation of Soviet Union. The independence was retrieved only in 1990, but the history of Lithuanian statehood started already in XIII century, when Mindaugas, the first and only kind of our country, gained the crown. The history of Lithuania is erratic, full of mighty victories and severe events. Today’s Lithuania is a small country, but in historical maps you can find it the biggest country in the Europe, or not existing at all. Today the country, still under impact of 50 years soviet occupation, tries to blend into the economic and cultural space of Europe Union.

As one of the countries in Europe, baptized at the latest, Lithuania preserved much of pagan traditions, and folk traditions are still alive in villages. The cultural life prospers in all the bigger cities.

Traveling to Lithuania might turn into a pleasant surprise, because for a tiny country, far off on the edge of Europe, it has some pretty impressive claims to fame. Hence don’t be shocked if you find yourself falling in love with our rich and inviting nature – our beautiful national parks, serene lakes, deep forests, and some cozy little towns.  Spa resorts, historical and military heritage sites, tasty local cuisine, as well as friendly Lithuanian people – this country has pretty much everything! Definitely worth exploring!