Time to say Goodbye!

The agony of saying goodbye to the people you spend three weeks together is upsetting.

We learned, understood, laughed, ate, went on a vacation together.

There were times when we cried over an issue which has no importance for the next day. There were times when we had an argument over a question whether if the person is a vulnerable enough to be protected by a government. There were times when we raised our hands to decide if it is the best option for our little family.

All of these moments added weight to the amazement we would feel when the day was over, but we never paused to debate if the joy was worth the cost.

Last day of #MRUsummerschool loaded with sadness, gratefulness and joyful moments.

It is not the end but just beginning of new friendships. Thank you to all our students for becoming a participant of our university.

You will be remembered, forever and always!

More moments here:

Alican Aslan 🙂

“It can take a lifetime to discover it, but just a moment to fall in love” – this once was said by Greek Henry Miller, but why not to adopt it for Riga? (August 3-4)

The entertainment never ends if you are a participant of MRU Summer University. For instance, how much fun you can have during a weekend? This time, another lovely capital city of Baltics, namely Riga, was our destination!

Excursion of Riga beautiful old town soon let us to make sure completely that Riga was worth visiting regarding its history, architecture and … cats!

If you think that Riga is all we had, you are definitely mistaken! Our trip was enriched also by wonderful cultural and historical stops. In Latvia, for instance, we visited Rundāle Palace which was built during the 16th century and took its name from the German place-name Ruhenthal (Valley of Peace). Can you believe that there were only 3 fireplaces within the whole palace? As our guide mentioned, it was used mostly in summer, that’s why there were only a few of them. What a wonderful place to spend summertime!

Another place we had been to, was a miraculous hill in Lithuania, Hill of Crosses. Can you guess how many crosses are there? It was first counted in 1900 and the result was 130 crosses. But now, there are more than 100,000!

Our final stop was city of Sun – Šiauliai, where all participants had an opportunity to walk through the pagan circle of life and take a selfie with the biggest sculpture of animal of Lithuania – the Šialiai Fox.

Photo & Video courtesy of Alim Mustafa Alim Eroğlu & Ferhat Tokyürek

What can be better than going to the seaside at the weekend? What about if there is a Sea festival too? (July 27-28)

Klaipeda, Curonian Spit, and Palanga. With #MRUsummer University, last weekend we have been to these gorgeous places and we were busy having fun!

After three-hour-long travel from #Vilnius to #Klaipeda, our first impressions were about the difference of the weather between rainy Vilnius and humid Klaipeda. But who knows, may it be about the crowd of the city because of #SeaFestival?

To enjoy the beauties of the Klaipeda all we need was just #freetime! After the ferry to Smiltynė, which is the very beginning of the Curonian Spit, we let ourselves to walk towards the endless #BalticSea, through the šilas which means pine forest in Lithuanian.

On the following day, with half an hour ride to the #Palanga, another magical beauty was waiting for us to be discovered. Great #AmberMuseum, #BridgeOfPalanga, and of course lovely nature!
Although it was a tiring excursion for all of us, each person was still having their smiles on their faces. With #MRUsummer University, it seems we will never lose them 🙂

Link for the photos and videos below:

Photo & Video courtesy of Alim, Ferhat

Knowing how to develop a research question is essential to write a thesis (July 25)

On the fourth day of our summer school, Mrs. Nadežda Stojković taught our students the steps they need to follow to reach this aim. They tried to find answers for the questions of whether the climate change is real or fiction, how many years are we left before the last ice on the Antarctic is melted down…

Then it was time to understand how the things work on the internet, to what extent we are secure while using social media with Mr. Michael Birnhack. Since theoretical knowledge works better when you integrate it with practical knowledge, we took our students to field visit at State Data Protection Inspectorate.

After a long day, what is better than ending it with a karaoke party? Nothing!

Photo courtesy of Alican Aslan

One more day! (July 24)

If it is not hard enough to convey your thoughts to the person next to you, you can try your luck at quotes from your favorite author. If it is not difficult enough to survive in another country, you can dare to learning culture of it. If it is not exhausting enough to be amazed by the new environment which is surrounding you while walking around the city, you can chance your luck at understanding which side of the road was built in Soviet Union times.

All of us heard about being tolerant. But if you are concerned with living it, Vilnius is the place that you have to be in. Different pieces of one puzzle, in the very center of the capital. Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, and Greek Catholic churches were just a few steps away from each other when we were taking a tour around the Old Town of Vilnius.

Thanks to our great guide Gražina Čiuladienė, we have discovered lots of details by our own along with some entertaining tasks. The way which we were guided was completely different and we gained lots of catchy knowledge. Take a gander at some precious moments from the day.

Photo courtesy of Mustafa Alim

We tried to reveal these treasures waiting to be discovered in the hidden side of our guests! (July 23)

Before you go deeper, you never know who has what sort of treasures. Probably, you might even have the features of an artist, biologists. or singer.

The day was started with an intense artistic way, continued with one of the most beautiful museums in Vilnius, and ended up with movie night, or should I say Karaoke night?

Even at the end of the day if you feel still capable to spend some energy, sometimes you can go beyond the boundaries of the schedule. That was how we enjoyed another lovely day at #MRUsummer University. Take a look at some beautiful moments of the day.

Photo & video courtesy of Alim, Ferhat & Aura

Who said during summer holiday MRU is empty and does not have any entertainment??? (July 22)

Let us introduce you the first day along with amusing opening ceremony of this year’s MRU Summer University. Together with all of the guests, we had a great day. Participants and our team got to know each other with lots of sociable activities such as Mission Impossible, Orientation Game, and Team Building.

At the end of the day everybody was feeling quite tired, but without no doubt it worth this. To meet with all of our lovely guests, allowed us to estimate how lucky we are and what kind of decent days are waiting for us…

Before saying good bye, take a look at which moments will remain with us forever…

Photo courtesy of Mustafa Alim & Ferhat